Martial Arts


Karate Lowestoft

Main Instructor Chris Broadley – 5th Dan

Chris has trained all over the world and has clubs in Europe. He has fortunate enough to train with numerous senior Japanese instructors including Kase, Mr Enoeda and Mr Shiri.

Assisting Chris are:

Christian Broadley – 3rd Dan

Rebecca Broadley – 2nd Dan

Daniel Howsham – 3rd Dan

Robert Dixon – 2nd Dan

The hard physical training required to reach a high level of skill in Karate promote overall good health, fitness and wellbeing. The concentration, commitment and dedication required, help build a strong, confident, disciplined and determined character. Karate is also a means of developing friendship and as a self-defence it is one of the most effective of all the martial arts.

Nirvana Fitness Dojo

In Aikido there are both physical and mental aspects of training. The physical training in Aikido is diverse, covering both general physical fitness and conditioning, as well as specific techniques. Because a substantial portion of any Aikido curriculum consists of throws, beginners learn is how to safely fall or roll.

Martial Arts Lowestoft

An excellent Chinese Martial Art that helps to refine patience, energy, and time. Basic training may involve simple movements that are performed repeatedly; other examples of basic training are stretching, meditation, striking, throwing, or jumping.